Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Fight And A Plea

Anas Zubedy has put up a full page ad on today's Star, appealing Malaysians' politicians to get their focus right. Although, I applaud his effort, I found it ironic that on the same day a scuffle (fight?) breaks out in Parliament. It doesn’t give you much hope, does it ?

Anyway, as this blog main purpose is to showcase my Transformers’ collection, let’s get to the photoshot. I use a bunch of TF Legends, small, about 3-inch, figures.

The frustrated newspaper readers.
- Optimus Prime, TF Movie
- Warpath, TF Classic
The rakyat, all from TF Classics, are making a plea to the politicians.
- Jazz
- Hound
- Bumblebee. Hey, that's me, the Yellow Robot.
- Brawn
- Beachcomber
- HotZone (formerly known as Hotspot)
- Wheelie
- Rodimus (formerly known as Hot Rod)
- Silverbolt

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Transformer stalled on Penang Bridge, causes massive traffic jam.

A 30-tonne hydraulic crane toppled over at the 3rd kilometer of the Penang Bridge causing traffic to snarls for more than 13 hours and congests more than 5 km long. The crane, used by UEM to construct the bridge’s third lane, overturned at 3.15 am but was only carted away at 11.00 am. (Summary from The Star, 21 Feb.2009)

Many bridge users comment that the toppled crane looks like a transformer. The crane model looks the same as Hook, from TF G1.

Unfortunately, I can’t use him for the picture as he and my other constructicons are stored at my parent’s place. Instead, I have to settle for Smokescreen, from TF Armada.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pak Lah Sangkut Dalam Lif

Found this in today's Star. Read the full article here.
Wildrider, a member of the Stunticon, is drawn by Matt Moylan.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

nake, abah ...

This morning Adibah saw a worm wriggling just outside our apartment.
Abah  : what's that, adik ?
Dibah : nake.
Abah : no, it's a worm
Dibah :(As she hid behind me.) nake. Abah, nake bite.
At this point, I'm contemplated to answer. I'm afraid if she sees a snake the next time and she thinks it’s a worm. However, I decided to continue.
Abah : no, adik. That’s a worm, not a snake. Worm doesn’t bite.
Dibah : wem...
Sunstreaker and Ironhide are drawn by Matt Moylan.