Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today's frontpage ... Transformers

Aiseyman!! It’s not about that “Transformers”.
It's on the “Government Transformation Programme” launch.
Read more about this “Transformers” here.

The little autobots characters are from Matt Moylan's Lilformers.
Can you name them all ?

Monday, January 18, 2010

What can you find in the forest ?

While waiting for a green light at an intersection, I try to distract Amir and Adibah from fighting with each other in the car by asking them some questions
Abah  : Look. What can you see ?
Amir : That's a forest, Abah. (Actually, just some trees and bushes)
Abah : Okay. What can you find in the forest ?
Amir : Monkey, Snake and Dinosaur.
Mak : Ohh... You can see dinosaur in the forest.
Abah : Dibah, what can you find in the forest ?
Dibah : Purple Cat !!!
Abah : Lagi.
Dibah : Green Cat ..hmm.. Yellow Cat ..hmm.. Red Cat .. (Not sure if the traffic light has anything to do with her answer).
- Me, Grimlock say Dinobot go hide in jungle.
- Slag want to find purple cat.