Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ear Wax, not a trivial matter

Amir will undergo a minor operation at 9.00 am this morning. Why ? Coz telinga dia tersumbat. Ada ear wax. Our attempts to remove it were futile due to his constant violent twists and turns accompanied with loud shrieks. At one point, he was franticly going,"Promise Mak, Amir tak buat lagi.", thinking he must have done something wrong to deserve this.

So, his mum brought him to the expert, an ENT specialist. She also surrender to Amir’s squirming and fidgeting and decide on the minor operation. Terpaksalah mak dia bermalam kat hospital sehari. Esshh!!! Bertuah betul lah budak ni. Nasib baik doktor ENT tu cun.

Ratchet : Mai sini !!! Nak check taik telinga.
Wheeljack : TAK MAU !!! GELI LAHH....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Now, we can go for a dive.

Read the whole story in today's theSun.
In the pic. are the TF Cybertron's Giant Planet Mini-Con Team, with LongArm, OverCast and DeepDive the submarine ... who's in reality cannot dive. Ha..ha..ha..