Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Movie List

Ari ni bawak Dibah tengok her first movie, "UP". Teringat masih bawak Amir for his first movie, "Ratatouille". Abah naya kat Amir tak beli tiket untuk seat dia. Ingat tengok cite ari weekday tak ramai orang, boleh curi seat kosong. Ha..ha..nak ambik kesempatan bcoz children under 3 tak yah beli tiket. Lepas tu, mak dia je lah yang rajin bawak dia tengok wayang (i.e. Horton, Wall-E and Geng). Ari ni pasal kesian kat anak2, Abah beli lah tiket untuk semua orang.

UP : Our first family movie.

We've decided Adibah is old enough to go the cinema without annoying other movie-goers. So, we went to see "UP", our first cinema trip as a whole family. Kakak Anis and Mama tagged along since it's a school holiday. Thankfully, both Amir and Adibah did not make any big scene during the movie.

At first, I doubt a story about a flying house could better any of the previous Pixar movies but I was proven wrong. The storyline is interesting and fresh.

The talking dogs are hilarious. Plus, they can pilot old Bi-planes. I guess Ransack got his big break in this movie after being left out from "Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen". Ha..ha..ha