Saturday, October 17, 2009

Password, please ?

We're locking all cartoon channels on Astro to control the kids from watching too much TV. Besides, we're just starting to teach Amir to read. One day, Amir got hold of the remote and tried his luck to break the password to unlock those channels. After he had exhausted the three attempts, it prompted "Next try in 30 minutes". I wanted to laugh at what happen next. Amir entered "30" as the password repeatedly. Finally, he gave up and asked me, "Abah, TV kata use three zero. Apasal tak boleh ?". His mother teased him, "If you can read, you'll know that's not the password."

Banyak sangat nombor, mana satu untuk password ni ?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adibah masuk paper Star

As we're driving in Tanjong after a Roti Bakar breakfast at Hutton Lane, my wife received an SMS from her friend. "U're in The Star today". Terus carik paper and search for the article.

This is the second time Adibah masuk paper, last year pun masuk The Star on the Malaysia Babywearers event.

Adibah and my wife participated in the Babywearers' "fashion show", which was held at Little Penang Street Market across E&O Hotel last Sunday on 27 October 2009. After that, we ronda-ronda around the market. Adibah got a kiddie bracelet and necklace. We quenched our thirst with one of the best Orange Juice we ever had. Very thick pure orange with no sugar added. Someone was selling them by carrying a tray of them around the market. It reminded me of those great ideas you see in "The Apprentice". We also got the whole family photo taken.