Saturday, January 10, 2009

Siapa suruh ....

This conversation occurs this morning. Amir had just completed his first week of school for 2009. He started last September and just had a long break in December.
Amir : Why Amir have to go to school, mak ?
Mum : Because, your school holiday is over.
Amir : Holiday ??? But Amir didn't go anywhere.
Abah : There's no money for holiday.
Amir : Apasal ?
< Asking more since he's not satisfied with the answer. >
Abah : Because, I spend the money buying Ben 10.
Amir : Siapa suruh ...
< Usually, he will go on "Siapa suruh buy Ben 10 ?". However he suddenly paused, realizing those Ben 10 stuff is for him. >
p/s: The Transformers caricature are from Matt Moylan's drawings.

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