Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Fight And A Plea

Anas Zubedy has put up a full page ad on today's Star, appealing Malaysians' politicians to get their focus right. Although, I applaud his effort, I found it ironic that on the same day a scuffle (fight?) breaks out in Parliament. It doesn’t give you much hope, does it ?

Anyway, as this blog main purpose is to showcase my Transformers’ collection, let’s get to the photoshot. I use a bunch of TF Legends, small, about 3-inch, figures.

The frustrated newspaper readers.
- Optimus Prime, TF Movie
- Warpath, TF Classic
The rakyat, all from TF Classics, are making a plea to the politicians.
- Jazz
- Hound
- Bumblebee. Hey, that's me, the Yellow Robot.
- Brawn
- Beachcomber
- HotZone (formerly known as Hotspot)
- Wheelie
- Rodimus (formerly known as Hot Rod)
- Silverbolt


  1. Yellow Robot,

    Have you come to help Malaysians? Nice knowing you from Anas' blog.


  2. Thanks for visiting niasara & che eduardo. Each Malaysian is left, and has, to help himself. Sorry, we can't help you as we have been miniaturized and our weapons have been disabled by the toy company.