Monday, January 18, 2010

What can you find in the forest ?

While waiting for a green light at an intersection, I try to distract Amir and Adibah from fighting with each other in the car by asking them some questions
Abah  : Look. What can you see ?
Amir : That's a forest, Abah. (Actually, just some trees and bushes)
Abah : Okay. What can you find in the forest ?
Amir : Monkey, Snake and Dinosaur.
Mak : Ohh... You can see dinosaur in the forest.
Abah : Dibah, what can you find in the forest ?
Dibah : Purple Cat !!!
Abah : Lagi.
Dibah : Green Cat ..hmm.. Yellow Cat ..hmm.. Red Cat .. (Not sure if the traffic light has anything to do with her answer).
- Me, Grimlock say Dinobot go hide in jungle.
- Slag want to find purple cat.

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