Monday, April 13, 2009

Kucing Gaduh

Amir and Adibah went to Nani’s with scratch marks on their faces.
Nani  : Apasal muka cucu aku sampai luka-luka ni ?
Mak : Depa gaduh ... sampai cakar-cakar.
Nani : Hangpa ni gaduh macam kucing. Siapa jadi kucing ni ?
Dibah : Adik kucing, Nani. ... Adik, cat!
Adibah loves cat so much that one day, in Borders, she forced me to buy a cat encyclopedia. I'm still not allowing her to have a real one yet. I still have to pick-up her poop so I don't want to add the cats' one to list.
Got this photo of Device Label Ravage and Tigatron from this blog.

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