Wednesday, May 6, 2009

X-Men Origins : Wolverine

Went to see the movie last weekend. Of course, I’m going to whine a lot. I'm an X-Men fan and I've read the 6-series Origins storyline.


What don’t I like :-
- How could you make Wolverine and Sabretooth as brothers ? I mean, I heard of sibling rivalry but not to the extent that these two always get into.
- The Weapon X program doesn’t have the covert-op feel. Come on, their only mission was to get the adamantium meteor.
- Gambit is not cool enough. The way he handle the cards is ridiculously too fancy.
- Totally mess up Deadpool, Wade is much cooler during the Lagos Ops. That's before he become Deadpool and when he talk too much. They should have let Deadpool keep the Samurai swords.
- Wolverine memory loss is due to a bullet in the brain. Wait for a minute ... didn't he got shot in the head during X-Men 2. Ahh !!! I see. This time they use an adamantium bullet. I guess Wolverine can't rely on his brother to remind him of who he is.

What do I like :-
- The intro which shows Wolverine participated in each major war (from the Civil War to the Vietnam War). Hey ... How come he never makes it as a General ?

BTW, Hasbro made a Wolverine figure that can transforms into a kinda of 4WD truck. The Transformer Wolverine drawing is from here

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