Friday, September 19, 2008

A blog is born ......

A blog is born ...... out of boredom. Yes, I'm getting bored and in desperate need of a new hobby. Actually, I have one but I need something simple, cheap and prone to my children disturbances. The problem is that I am a huge fan of Transformers and have build up a collection but I have to store them away unless I'm willing to share with my son. That's a BIG NO .. NO .., especially knowing how destructive he can be. This created the mundane task of taking them out and putting them back into the storage boxes whenever I want to *ahem* ... look at them. Furthermore, this quality time is restricted to my son's sleeping hours. Hopefully, I can use this blog as an outlet to display my collection. Plus at the same time, I could ramble and complain about other things as well. Let see how long this new hobby will last.

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