Saturday, September 20, 2008

Buka Puasa Invitation at Zinee Cuisine

Hari ni ada buka puasa invitation at Zinee Cuisine by Kak Zis. The place serve good food at a reasonable price even without our usual "know the owner discount". For the buka puasa buffet, macam-macam ada, nasi goreng kampung, nasi goreng cina, mee goreng, kuew teow sup, kari ikan, ayam masak merah, daging masak halia, ayam kampung goreng berempah,...(ada banyak lagi tapi lupa lah)..., very nice egg sandwiches, assorted jellies, cakes and fruits. After all that, dapat lega kan perut wa yang se'eh dengan teh tarik yang really UMMPPHHH!!!! Sampai bini wa punya teh pun wa cukai sekali.
I need to pick-up food blogging skill from Jules. The only decent picture I have, is of my fav. dish, daging masak halia. Mengulang sampai 3-4 kali.

From Zinee Cuisine's website
We offer  a wide selection of
Malay − Chinese − Thai
culinary delights.

Try our signature dish,
the Fish Head Curry, or
discover dishes like Hormuk Thalae,
de’Chiengmai Steam Seabass, and
Bhai Khalee Crab or Prawn.

And don’t forget to taste
our exquisite Seafood Tomyam,
served with steamed fragrant rice.
Dine in a cozy, air conditioned hall,
and there is ample free parking too.

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