Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spotlight - TFA Activators Wave 1

The TFA activators is a line of action figures base on "Transformers: Animated". It has a push button feature for quick transformation, i.e. it's for those who wants to see split second transformation, such as my son.

"Abah, tukar bah ... Abah, tukar robot. Mir nak robot. (2 seconds after I transform it to a robot.). Mir nak car pulak. Abah, tukar bah ...", Amir.

Bumbleebee the yellow robot. I bought this for Amir.

Starscream. I'll keep this first because I do not want to open the box for the complex version of Starscream yet.

Bulkhead. I'll keep him as this is the only version of Bulkhead that I have bought. Don't want to spend the extra cash for the bigger version.

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